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It can not get easier than this!

No one has hours to spend in the kitchen and that is why our recipes are quickly prepared.


Because cooking shouldn’t be difficult. It is all about eating it afterwards.

Recipes on this website are free from animal products and fat and that makes them healthier than the standard ones. Most of them are also low in sugar. Check out our Nutritional values for every recipe!

Welcome to FlexibleVegan and thank you for visiting our website. This is a cooking website with lots of delicious and easy recipes. Here you will find food recipes from all categories: soups, mains, desserts, holiday food…

You will notice that all recipes on this website are plant-based which means that they contain no animal product. So they are free from milk, diary, meat, fish and eggs. All the recipes and photos are made by FlexibleVegan Team. If you have any question or would just like to say Hello, you can do that via our Contact page. Enjoy cooking!